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This is the System Team's Home Page for system related information and documenation specifically related to the operating system itself and its role in the Control System, rather than, for instance, projects which are hosted on unix.





General Info
Note on NFS sharing to the public
NLCTA data distribution Access SLAC Window's PC from off-site via Remote Desktop
How to Change XWIN32 Session Digi Pinout
DHCP Table March 2011 Downtime
How to setup a VNC connection via SSH Request AFS space
IOC NFS Request Form EPICS Training
Emergency DHCP MAC Changes

Controls Computing Architecture

Controls Networking Overview FACET/LCLS servers/accounts/setup
LCLS Controls Networking Overview LCLS Controls Computing Service Diagram
LCLS Controls Architecture Overview LCLS Controls Computing System Funtion Table
FACET Controls Networking Overview FACET Controls Computing Service Diagram
FACET Controls Production Environment FACET Controls Filesystem Definition
NLCTA Controls Networking & Computing  
Test Facility  
Test Facility Controls Networking & Computing  

Network INFO  
Network Monitoring Web Page Network Monitoring Web Page (new)
Replace a Controls Dept Switch Bonding Network Interfaces
Switch LebCore S15  




Controls Infrastructure Applications  
Judy Rock (System Area) Bob Hall (System Area)
Shashi Divekar (System Area)  

Controls Infrastructure  

When an IOC is born

Test Facility Computing Users Guide
JCA Setup MCC CSPP Document
LCLS IOC Info query application
LCLS Controls Windows Systems
LCLS Systems Group web

LCLS RTEMS Sync Procedure

LCLS Web Server Information

LCLS Alarms Overview LCLS Controls UNIX System: Diagram (obsolete)
LCLS EPICS Build Scripts LCLS Controls UNIX System: Function Table
restart screenlogging + reset TS ports for all hard iocs
Perl management Python management

Server Info  
Remote Console Access Openmanage Installation
Linux System Information OpenManage Commands
Startup Files List Kerberos Authentication Setup
Solaris System Diagnostics How to restore UNIX service
System Disk backups Proxy Server Expert Recovery

Special Configurations

RHEL5 Setup Server Checklist
RHEL6 Setup Patch AFS Servers
Server-Uptime EVR / Hamamatsu Module Setup for Servers
Firmware upgrades RACADM
LCLS Taylor Options Oracle  -MCCO startup/shutdown
NTP Configuration (LCLS) Create_kickstart_usb
DNS Configuration (LCLS) Build Boot CD
DHCP Configuration (LCLS) Touch Panel Setup
  Touch Panel RHEL6-Shashi
NFS Server Setup on Sun Storage 7310 IPMI Setup
Change Name on Sun Storage 7310 Enable Console Access To Dell Servers Via Ssh
NFS Migration Plan PXE Server
7310 Part list Mail Relay Server
NFS 7310 Data Disk Replacement  
Shared Shell Feb 2013 VLC Installation
RHEL6 parameters  

Power Outage and Recovery  
Power Up Procedure MCC Outages
MCC Server Power up SLC control system restore (R. Burgess)
Replace a Controls Dept Switch  

Sunray Info
Sunray Setup for Linux Sunray Admin Help

Sunray Setup for Solaris

Sunray Setup for TV
Sunray CUD information Accessing ILOM
Sunray Kiosk Help LCLS Summary Display Setup
Sunray Client Overview A Plan for LCLS Summary Display
Sunray Display Proposal Sun Ray Admin Web Page

OPI Info
Nvidia Video Setup Troubleshoot OPI's
Checklist for OPI Upgrade Server & OPI info
Firefox Install Firefox & Squid
Firefox plugins Memory and CPU Testing
Build new OPI Lockdown KDE desktop
OPI Issues  

System Tools and Guides  
GTW04 & SLCS2 Startup PPS Camera Setup
xml2elog Proxy Server Recovery
Simple Password Server YUM
ACSW Firmware Upgrade CUPS
UWD - UNIX Watchdog System Checks
ACSW Setup Physics E-log System Add New Logbook
Physics E-log System Maintenance MCCAS0 / ERR
ACL Configuration Oracle IP Switchover
How to Release UWD SIOC
Operations E-log System Httpd Certificate Check
IPMI Tool Net Groups
SYSLOGD monitor New User Setup
New Archive Engine Disk Failure Procedure Wireshark
IOC Debugging
  SSH account management -Authorized keys
System Upgrade  
RHEL5 Upgrade Issues Problems and Solutions in RHEL5 upgrade (Shashi)
Migrating Oracle Application Server from RHEL-4 to RHEL-5 Physics-elog migration from RHEL-4 to RHEL-5

PV Gateways  
Controls PV Gateways (table)  
LCLS ElectronPhotonGateways LCLS Development/DMZ Gateways
LCLS ElectronPhotonGateway Ports FACET-LCLS Gateway Ports
LCLS/FACET Production PV Gateways FACET Experiment Gateway
New Archiver Systems (Archiver Appliance Based)  
Archiver System Restart Archiver System Setup
Archiver Admin Access (table) Archiver Appliance regular maintenance
Old Archiver Systems (obsolete, not in use)  
LCLS: (obsolete)  
LCLS Channel Archiver Operation LCLS Channel Archiver PV Change Scripts Guide
LCLS Channel Archiver Emergency Add PVs LCLS Channel Archiver Routine Maintenance
Monitor LCLS Archive Engines How to Restart an Archive Engine
Test Facilities:  (obsolete)  
Test Facility Archiver System  
NLCTA: (obsolete)  
NLCTA Archiver System  

Backup Info  
NFS Backup SCCS Backup/Restore
LCLS Backup Guide How to restore from AFS backup
LCLS File Recovery Solaris Live Upgrade

MCC Failover MCCDEV Web Server Notes
Adding SCP Printers


MCC Boot Troubleshooting Managing UNCMPHST disks
Time Change  

UPS Info
UPS Client Configuration

AIDA Info  
Aida Startup AIDA Help Page
Aida Process Management AIDA Svcs and Name System
AIDA System Management Aida System Management Guide

LCLSAIDA Computing Network

AIDA Scripts Accessing Oracle
Aida Names Contributors table  

Message Logging Systems  
Message Logging Services Restart  
Message Logging System (server and viewer) Design  
CMLOG (obsolete)  
LCLS CMLOG Restart Notes (obsolete) LCLS CMLOG Restart (obsolete)
CMLOG Viewer Help Information (obsolete)  
AFS / NIS Accounts Group Setup for Matlab and Score
Shared Accounts How to use the physics account

Oracle Info  
Oracle Password Change MCCORA3

Equipment Forecast
Mccelog day to day operations AFS quota monitor (SCCS)
LCLS Inventory Burn a CDRom -Installation Disc
System Availability Effort MCC Computer Room Drawing
NX Support (SCCS) LCLS2 Forecast -inwork
Install_NX_Client_On_Windows (old) Crash Dump Analysis

 Oracle General Stuff

SPEAR Excel test
LCLS GigE Camera Usage FACET-NAS Network
FACET User Camera Server Memo Windows on Controls Network

Kickstart VM under VMware Pohang VM Preparation
Migrating Vmware VM from one machine to another  
Standard Response  (policy)  
How to create an SSH key MCC Server Configuration
Server Deployment in the Field MCC Disk Space User Policy




System Team Info

LCLS CCI Maintenance Effort LCLS Networking Maintenance Effort
Six Month Task Plan Requirement





Unix Tips and Links

Unix Tips Emacs Help
csh redirection guide
Gnu Make Manual
new ssh at SLAC ssh at SLAC
sccs server monitoring via ganglia sccs server monitoring via nagios
Excel-xls file
  Excel-xlsx file
  Font test
  Flash test

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