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This page provides quick access to admin UIs for appliance based archiver systems.


Modified:  24-Jun-2013

Facilities Proxy for retrival and mgmt Balancer manager Appliance(s) Comments
LCLS lcls-archapp lcls-archapp




FACET facet-archapp facet-archapp facet-archapp  
Test Facilities testfac-archapp testfac-archapp testfac-archapp



Proxy for retrival and mgmt:

authentication required for accessing this site. For archiver management (e.g. adding PVs), also for client appplications to retrive data. 

Balancer manager:

this site can only be accessed via firefox on mcclogin (e.g. firefox http://lcls-archapp/balancer-manager).


accessing this site only for troubleshooting purposes.

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Created by : Jingchen Zhou   on 04/25/2013