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Last Modified: July 7, 2011









privrequest is a utility that sends commands to the server. This is useful for getting information about open connections, or shutting down or restarting the server. An example command would be:


$privrequest 931 statistics


Starting the server

You cannot use the privrequest command to start the server, as it only sends a command to a running server. The suggested way to start the server, once in production, is by:

To start server:

must be system



Restarting the server

To pick up changes to the configuration files, you can use

$privrequest 931 restart

If you need to pick up changes made to the account, such as quotas, then you must shutdown the server, and then start it.

Shutting down the server

$privrequest 931 shutdown

Note that this has no affect on any DECnet network processes. Information on handling these follows.






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