SLAC ESD Software Engineering Group
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Server Deployment Policy in the Field



Updated: October 14, 2013


To comply with SLAC security requirements and to protect your subsystem in the field, the following is required for deploying servers in the field.  All servers must be in a controlled, air conditioned room/rack with a Smart UPS supplying power. 

  • The controlled room/rack will meet SLAC security requirements as the servers have passwords locally on the hard drives and physical access to the servers will allow access to this data.
  • Air conditioned rooms/racks will allow the server to run optimally and have a longer life.  These servers put out a lot of heat and can also overheat the other components in the room/racks if not cooled appropriately.
  • UPS’s provide clean power at all times and protect the servers from power glitches or surges.  The UPS also allows us to cycle power on the server without being with the server physically.  The UPS also will perform a system shutdown if power is lost thus preventing any disk corruption by losing power abruptly without time to shutdown properly.
  • The System Admins will not be responsible for turning on power to these servers in the field when there is a power failure.  The POC for these servers at each location must be available to provide power to these servers when power is restored.  The System Admins cannot be running around SLAC powering on remote servers after a  power outage as they are concentrating on bringing up the Accelerator Control System.
  • Windows servers are not allowed on the Controls network for security reasons.






Author: Ken Brobeck

Modified: 10-Sept-2013 by Jingchen Zhou