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Modified Date:  March 14, 2017

  • Matlab options file:  /afs/slac/package/matlab/grouplic/matlabopt-brobeck.opt

    Update this file to swap users

  • Matlab license file: /afs/slac/package/flexlm/mcc-matlab/matlab.lic

    Update this file to renew license


To restart Matlab License Manager:

  1. Login to license4
    1. sudo /etc/init.d/flexlm stop  ( Make sure it is stopped before restarting - ~1 minute )

      sudo /etc/init.d/flexlm start


To see if license manager is running:

[mcclogin]: /u/cd/brobeck:$ lmstat -c 27010@license4


License Status:

[brobeck@lcls-dev3 ~]$ lmstat -a -c 27010@license4



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Author: Ken Brobeck

Created: June 15, 2016