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Modified:  20-Jun-2016




  • VMware-VCSA-all-6.0.0-3634788.iso

    You can go to https://stanford.onthehub.com and use your SUNet or Stanford University credentials. Then go to More Software -> VMware. Once you add the items to your cart and check out, you'll get a receipt via email (and in your order) with the license key. The license key lasts 365 days, then you can download a new one.  After you order you can review your order to get the license keys.

Mount on Windows


Download winiso package to mount ISO on Windows 7

***Must have first install VMware Client Integration Plugin which is located in the vcsa directory

Click on vcsa-setup.html and follow the prompts:


VMware vSphere Web Client

Login: administrator@MCC.local



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Author: Ken Brobeck

Created: June 15, 2016