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Modified: 26-May-2009


xml2elog is a script to copy over a .xml file and any associated files to mccelog for processing.  This script may be run from the command line or in a script for automation.  xml2elog is located in /usr/local/lcls/tools/script/ and uses the cddev account to scp files over to mccelog:/nfs/slac/g/cd/mccelog/logxml/new/ for processing.

     xml2elog file1 file2 ...(up to 5 files -Only 1 .xml file)
     xml2elog ( you will be prompted for the file name(s) separated by a space)

The script will check that each file exists and there is a .xml file.  If the script encounters an error; such as a file is missing or there is no .xml file, then the script will not copy over any files and report the error.  The script will copy over the non xml files first, then the .xml file because of the mccelog processing criteria.



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Created by: Ken Brobeck, 26-May-2009