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General Information about NX and Neatx –

NX - NoMachine NX is an enterprise-class solution for secure remote access, hosted virtual desktop deployment

Neatx is an Open Source NX server, similar to the commercial NX server from NoMachine.

SCCS Provided NX Server -



Procedure to download and install NX client on Windows –

Go to following URL -

Note – For Mac OSX you will find similar procedure on the same URL.

1 ) Download and install following in SEQUENCE – Install NX Client first and then install install the additional fonts below as given in the above web link.



2) Click on NX client icon.  


For using NX Server -

Provide server name as “”.

Select Desktop options – Unix and Custom

Click on Ok




 Select one of the following depending upon your home connectivity


Issues and workarounds for NX Server  –

Issue - First time the user is able to login successfully using NXClient on When the person logs off and tries to connect again, he/she gets following error -

Server Configuration Error. Cannot login. Please contact your system administration.


Workaround –

Logon to mcclogin

cd  .ssh

unlink authorized_keys2


Logoff and log to NX/nomachine again.

Miscellaneous Issues on NX/NeatX Server –

Issue – Slow server response.

Reason – NX/Neatx server’s primary responsibility is Fast Remote Access.  User’s are expected to  get connected to  NX/Neatx server from home and ones connected they are expected to ssh/login to their respective server.  At times NX/Neatx server becomes busy because users launch CPU intensive jobs on NX/Neatx server. Please avoid using NX/Neatx server for launching CPU intensive jobs.


Issue - Performance issue for a while now for both NeatX and NX.  When you put the mouse over the "taskbar" it will pop up a balloon with more information about the task bar item and this animation is extremely slow (~min) to complete and stalls everything else.


Fix –

1)      Exit from NX Session

2)      Click on NX Icon, and before you login do following


Press "Configure"


Chose tab "Advanced"


Check the box "Disable DirectDraw for screen rendering".

3)      Now you enter your password and start the NX Session





Author: Ken Brobeck. Last edited on 15-Mar-2013