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Changing the name on the Sun Storage 7310

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After we perform the RSYNC and have the 7310 up to date we will perform the name change.

  1. Login to MCCFS4-BUI
    1. Click on Configuration -> Network
    2. Change the name on the Network Datalink page and hit APPLY in the box that pops up
    3. Change the IP and name on the network interface page and hit APPLY  in the box that pops up
    4. Hit APPLY when 2 & 3 are completed and the IPs will change for the NFS (7310) server
      1. The BUI interface will change so you must login to the new BUI interface: https://mccfs2-bui:215
  2. Change the name of the SP IP
    1. Change the mccfs2-mgt to a LCLSUTIL IP and then change DHCP: Change mccfs4-mgt to mccfs2-mgt
      1. Not tested: Login to SP - cd /SP and perform "reset network"  -This should reboot the SP interface and use DHCP to get IP.





Author: Ken Brobeck and Jingchen Zhou. Last edited on 06-May-2011