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The B052 ANR room consists of 2 DX style A/C units.  The DX style does not use chiller water, but freon to cool the air.  This was probably done because the ANR/ACR was an afterthought form the original B052 plans.  Facilities will need to monitor the freon level on these units.  These types of units are "full on" until a threshold is reached, then shut off.  This is why the room will feel warmer or cooler depending if the A/C unit is running/not running.  The temperature should not deviate by more than a couple of degrees and should stay around 70 degrees.

As you can see in the Floor Plan below the ANR room has 2 A/C units and each one is capable of cooling the room all by itself.  This alleviates the single point failure if one goes down, or when we need to perform PMIs.  These units are also provided power from 2 different power panels.  PMIs will be scheduled when we perform PMIs on the Liebert system (B005), which is about every 6 months.


B052 ANR room Split system information (FCU-052-4 and FCU-052-5)

1) Each unit cooling capacity = 107 MBH (9 tons)

2) Running 7/24

3) Humidity control and set point = 50 to 51% RH

4) Temperature set point = 71 to 71 Deg.F

5) Redundant Split system (FCU inside ANR room & RCU @ roof)

6) Both Split system running, one fails, second support cooling to ANR

7) Dedicated AHU unit for ACR room (Roof mounted)






ANR FCU-052-4


ANR FCU-052-5



ANR AHU-3  (Control Room)



B052 Roof Equipment



ANR Room



HVAC Measurments


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Created by: Ken Brobeck   Mar 4, 2016

Modified: April 13, 2016