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Modified: Ken Brobeck  30-May-2017


Adding MCC SCP Printers




  1. login to mccdev –noprivs

    1. check out PRNTCTL_INIT.FOR

      1. slccms

        1. set library cms_dspshr

        2. reserve prntctl_init.for

      2. edit the file

        1. More details in Help file

      3. cchk prntctl_init.for    –look for errors

        1. This is a syntax check only -Below is normal

        2. mccdev::brobeck>cchk prntctl_init.for

          %COPY-S-COPIED, NL: copied to USER_DISK_SLC:[BROBECK.WORK5]CMP_2440061E.TEST;1 (0 records)

           Processing file USER_DISK_SLC:[BROBECK.WORK5]PRNTCTL_INIT.FOR;2

          **MEMBER**=SLCLIBS:DSPSHRLIB overridden to DEVLIB

          %FIND_MEMBER_CARD-W, but neither DSPSHR_DEVLIB nor DEVLIB library file found

          First compiling with /NODEBUG/OPT/RECUR/OBJECT=NL:/NOLIST for error checking

          Now recompiling /DEBUG/NOOPTI/NOLIST (with messages suppressed) to produce object code

          %LIBRAR-F-OPENIN, error opening USER_DISK_SLC:[BROBECK.WORK5]DEVLIB.OLB; as input

          -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

          %COMPILE.COM exiting with %LIBRAR-F-OPENIN, error opening !AS as input

      4. cmp prntctl_init.for    –look for errors

        1. this compiles it and puts it back into cms

  2. check out one of the REF_SLCPNL:PRNTCTL*.PNL

    1. slccms

      1. set library cms_slcpnl

      2. reserve prntctl*.pnl

    2. edit the file

      1. More details in Help file

    3. cchk prntctl*.pnl

    4. Check panel

      1. Define slcpnl [],slcpnlGo to User Dev Panels on SCP

        1. toggle “Change Panel Mode” to “Use .PNL”

      2. Run a scp to check panel

      3. cmp prntctl*.pnl

  3. check out

      1. slccms

        1. set library cms_com_gen

        2. reserve

      2. edit file

        1. replace

  1. login as slcshr

    1. type: buildshr dspshr same

    2. type: devshr dspshr

      1. Test on MCCDEV

    3. type: newshr dspshr

      1. Test on MCC



Note:     (It is possible SCP will fail, if for instance got too many printers in PRNTCTL_INIT.FOR, or if someone else had modified some DSPSHR code.)




One task that may not be on your list when adding/deleting SCP printers is the file SLCCOM:SETUP_PRINT.COM.

This file includes a list of all SCP printers (and their panel button names) that should be updated.

I've made this change now for the two printers you recently removed.

I made some other checks to see that the queues listed in PRNTCTL_INIT.FOR, PRNTCTL*.PNL, SETUP_PRINT.COM, SETUP_PRINT_LISTS.COM are consistent.  I found a few inconsistencies from long ago, and corrected them:

        added E163L0G to SETUP_PRINT_LIST.COM

        added E164LOG to SETUP_PRINT_LIST.COM

        added E164LOG to PRNTCTL.PNL

Some of these (and other) LOG queues may be obsolete, but that is another issue (let sleeping dogs lie?).



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