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 This web page gives information on how to Backup and Restore files from SCCS


SCCS Backup/Restore

SCCS provides certain backup for filesystems on taylored hosts.


  • Send a message to unix-admin (Lance Nakata), requesting a backup for
    some filesysem on a host.
  • SCCS will setup and install the ITSM (IBM Tivoli Storage Manager) client software on the host.

For example,

The /var/www directory on physics-elog gets backed up nightly to SCCS tape.


  • With sudo privilege on physics-elog, one can perform a restore using either of these 2 commands: (I prefer the Java GUI)
    • sudo /usr/bin/dsm     (GUI)
    • sudo /usr/bin/dsmj    (Java GUI)
  • One can restore the data to an alternate location.   This info is a bit dated but still relevant:


  • login physics-elog
  • sudo /usr/bin/dsmj
  • Select Restore in BACKUP panel
  • Follow the following, e.g., to restore init.xml:
    • Select PHYSICS-ELOG -> File Level -> /var/www -> TESTelog -> data ->comments
    • Highlight init.xml and select
    • Select Restore to restore the file
  • Reference:


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Author: Jingchen

Modified: 06-Nov-2009