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EVR Module Setup for Servers

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 This web page gives information on how to install the EVR in our servers



The camera servers will sometimes need timing to timestamp the images from the camers.  For these servers we will need to load the pci_mrfevr module.
  1. Login to the server as root and go to the directory which contains the module. This area will contain all the code to build and deploy the module
    1. cd /usr/local/lcls/package/linuxKernel_Modules/pci_mrfevr_linux/MAIN_TRUNK/   (This is subject to change)
    2. Type: make modules_install
    3. /sbin/depmod -a
    4. /sbin/modprobe pci_mrfevr
  2. Verify module is loaded
    1. lsmod | grep pci
  3. Create startup file
    1. Copy a file from other camera server or from /usr/local/admin/Startup-files (This is subject to change)
      1. Create the init.d and rc3.d file
        1. S97st.pci_module_load -> /etc/init.d/st.pci_module_load (Our SIOC's run at S98)

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Author:K. Brobeck

Modified: 19-Feb-2014