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How to restart the Archive Engines

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There is a need to restart LCLS archive engine 16 whenever there is a switch from SLC to EPICS control (or perhaps temporarily from EPICS to SLC control) for linac upgrade sectors.  Primarily I'll be supporting this but if I'm not available you may be called to do so.  The easiest way to do this is:

    ssh lcls-archsrv -l laci


    type http://lcls-archeng:4900 in the Firefox browser.

        This shows the main LCLS Archive Daemon display.

    type http://lcls-archeng:4916/stop in the Firefox browser.

        This will send a signal to LCLS archive engine 16 to

        tell it to stop ("kill itself").  The LCLS Archive

        Daemon will then restart it when it detects the

        LCLS archive engine 16 process is no longer running.

    type the "back arrow" browser button to return to


        You should see in a minute or two after issuing the

        "stop command" the LCLS_16 row indicating that LCLS

        engine 16 was restarted at the current time and that

        the vast majority of its channels have connected

        (e.g., "9833/10922 channels connected").



Created by Ken Brobeck on Nov 09, 2010.