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This web page describes the procedures to recovery files from our NFS server (MCCFS8)


  • Login as root on MCCFS8 (NFS Server)
  • Type: nwrecover ( /usr/bin/nwrecover )




  • You can expand the tree directory by directory by clicking on the "+" or type in the full path in "Location"
  • If you want to recover a directory and everything below it click on the empty box next to the directory. This will select the directory and all directories and files below it.
  • If you want only file(s) click on the empty box next to the file or files to select them.
  • If you would like to recover a file that was deleted a while ago you can click on "Options"-> "Change Browse Time" to choose a date when the file was available.



  • Click on the  to start the recovery operation
  • Choose your recovery option from this menu: 








  •  If the menu below pops up: -You will need to unmount current tape and insert the requested tape.

  • Go to the   http://mccfs8:9000  (Username: administrator)
  • Click on Start
  • This will load Java and present the following login screen:
  • Login as "administrator" and enter password
  • It will bring up the following:

  • Click on mccfs8

  • Double-Click on NetWorker

  • Click on the "Devices" icon on the top row and then click on "Devices" on the left hand column

  • There are 2 tapes available - FULL - and INC
    • Select the tape you want to remove. (if the tape requested has FULL in the name, then unmount the FULL tape - then eject/Withdraw
    • Once selected - use the right mouse button to bring up a menu:
      • Select Unmount
      • Select Eject/Withdraw

  • Go to the Tape library and get the requested tape
    • Make sure the tape is write-protected
  • Remove the current tape and insert the requested tape
  • In the Admin GUI Highlight the device again and choose "Mount"
    • This should mount the inserted tape and show the volume label requested by the software
  • Go back to the "Recover" App and click on "Yes" once the tape is mounted
  • When file/files are restored you will need to remove the requested tape and insert the current backup tape.
  • Go back to the Admin GUI and Right click on the device and choose "Unmount" -> then "Eject/Withdraw"
  • Go to the Tape drive and remove the requested tape and insert the current backup tape
  • Put the requested tape back into the library
  • Go to the Admin Gui and right click on the device and choose "Mount"
    • This will mount the current backup tape









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Author: Ken Brobeck, 10-Aug-2007

Modified: 24-Mar-2015