IPMI Setup On Dell PowerEdge Based Servers



IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is an open-standard hardware manageability interface to manage a computer system hardware and monitor its operation.  It is developed by Dell/Intel/IBM/HP. It can provide common interface for accessing system hardware components, e.g., environment sensors (temperator and voltage), chassis power control, and system event log, etc. The Dell PowerEdge servers comes, in their base configuration, with the support for IPMI (as a module) in BMC. The support includes IPMI over Lan. One can use standard IPMI utilities, such as ipmitool available on Linux, to manage a IPMI enabled server hardware locally and remotelly (if IPMI Over Lan enabled).

Configure IPMI on Dell BMC

By default, IPMI over Lan is not enabled on Dell servers. This can be enabled with Dell OpenMangement. Also, if DRAC controller is already configured properly and a dedicated NIC is used for the management, one can enable it via the following (I use mcctest-mgt as an example):


Manage IPMI enabled server from a Management Station

The management station can be any of our Linux systems which have OpenIPMI-tools installed and have access to *-mgt network, for example, mcclogin.

Displaying all objects in SDR

ipmitool -H -U root -I lan -a sdr list

Displaying all sensors in the system

ipmitool -H -U root -I lan -a sensor list

Displaying "Temp" sensor, "CPU Power Fault" sensor
ipmitool -H -U root -P -I lan -a sensor get "Temp"
ipmitool -H -U root -P -I lan -a sensor get "CPU Power Fault"


ipmitool -H -U root -I lan -a shell


Dump SDR contents to a file sdr.out for a future analysis

ipmitool -H -U root -I lan -a sdr dump sdr.out


Creating a user without admin privileges

The BMC supports mutiple users (up to 16). It is desirable to have a user to be able to monitor the hardware (i.e, querying hardware information). There are at least two ways to define such users.


Here I create a user, named ipmitest, and set its ID to 3, and its privilege is set to 2 (USER level).

Depending on the version of DARC, the interface can be differnt. This is from DRAC 6.



ipmitool -H -U root -I lan -a shell

ipmitool> user list
ipmitool> user set name 3 ipmitest
ipmitool> user set password 3 xxxx
ipmitool> user enable 3

ipmitool> user priv 3 2
(or ipmitool> channel setaccess 1 3 privilege=2)

Again, here user ID for ipmitest is set to 3, and its privilege is set to 2 (USER level).  Be awar that the user account is local to BMC firmware.



         jingchen@mcclogin $ ipmitool -H mcctest-mgt -U ipmitest -L USER -I lan -a sensor get Temp

if ipmitest is set to Administrator for IPMI Lan Privilege (keep all others as none), ipmitest can power off the system:

                                            ipmitool -H -U ipmitest -I lan -a chassis power soft    (don't use -L USER)




Contact: Jingchen Zhou (X4661, jingchen@slac). Last edited on 6/27/12 .