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This document describes how to migrate a VM already created to another machine.

Preparation of Virtual Machine Preparation for Pohang


Requirements –

Laptop (With 8 GB memory, 50GB free disk space, Wireless and Ethernet Connectivity).

Local Account on Laptop

Administrative Access on the Laptop using Local Account

Installed VMware Player on Laptop

Copy of the Prebuilt Virtual Machine on USB



Step # 1) This step is done on a laptop on which we already have a Virtual Machine created, running and tested. Copy Virtual Machine on USB stick from an existing laptop.


Logon to Virtual Machine running on the laptop.

Shutdown the VM and power it off in VMware Player.

Ones VM is in powered off state, copy the entire VM on USB stick.


Example –

For example on Windows the VM folder location for VM called shashitest1 is -

C:\Users\divekar\Documents\Virtual Machines\shashitest1


Step # 2) Install VMware Player on Windows machine.

Download and Install Free version of VMware Player from following website. Read the agreement carefully before installing it.



Step # 3) Use the USB which was prepared in Step # 1. Copy the VM from USB to your Laptop.


Step # 4) Start VMware Player and start Virtual Machine.


You will see screen like following –



Select “Open Virtual Machine”

Navigate to the folder under which you have copied the Virtual Machine.

Select the VM File of type “Vmware virtual machine configuration” and click on “Open”.


Following is example -


Click on “Play Virtual Machine”. You will get following type of dialog window.  Select “I copied it”.







Virtual machine will start and you can start using it.





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Author: Shashi Divekar

Modified: 03-Feb-2014