When an IOC is born


This is a supplement to "IOC Release Procedure" (see the reference below). When an IOC is ready to be deployed to PROD, the following things may happen, depending on the request sent out to epicsmgr by an IOC engineer:

1. Check if this IOC is for LCLS, FACET or Test Facilties (XTA, GTF, ASTA ...)

2. Create directories for the IOC in $IOC and $IOC_DATA


4. Ask Judy or Jingchen to add the IOC to screeniocs file, the configuration file for iocConsole

       Be sure to cvs commit screeniocs

5. If that is a softIOC, and when you are asked to create a system startup


6. If a CW (ChannelWatcher) startup is requested,



1. LCLS Soft IOC Release Procedure


2. LCLS Hard IOC Release Procedure

Contact: Jingchen Zhou (X4661, jingchen@slac). Last edited on 12/16/11 .