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This web page will describe a basic new user account setup for Controls Software



When a new user joins the Controls Software group we need to setup the account with our default permissions.  These same steps can be used for adding acctest users as well with some minor changes. You will need to understand the accounts setup: More account information


Add new user to the lcls group. This will allow the user to edit files in our NFS area. ( /nfs/slac/g/lcls )
  • ypgroup examine -group lcls   -will list users in the lcls group
  • ypgroup adduser -user user -group lcls   -will add user to lcls group
Add user to AFS group g-lcls  -will allow user to make changes in our AFS area.  ( /afs/slac/g/lcls )
  • pts mem g-lcls   -will show who is in this group
  • pts adduser -groupt g-lcls -user user  -will add user to the g-lcls group
Does the user need to be added to specialized accounts: softegr, iocegr, acclegr, physics, laci, etc...
  • Usually the new user will be added to the softegr account
    • on MCCLOGIN cat ~user/.ssh/ and/or cat ~user/.ssh/
      • If there is no SSH key ask user to create one:  SSH KeyGen
    • ssh to lcls-builder as softegr (whatever account you are adding the new user)
    • vi .ssh/authorized_keys file
      • "cat" out users public key (DO NOT USE "MORE") and paste into .ssh/authorized_keys file (Paste to the bottom of the file)

      *Note:For the Test Facilities accounts: (acctf and tfprod)  We do not use SSH Public key authentication.  You must add users to the ACL Group

      TFPROD:  tfprod:tfprod  - pts adduser -group tfprod:tfprod -user user

      ACCTF:     acctf:acctf    - pts adduser -group acctf:acctf -user user

If the user needs to run iocConsole on DEV, then add user to lcls-iocegr
  • ypgroup exam -group lcls-iocegr
  • ypgroup adduser -group lcls-iocegr -user user




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Author: Ken Brobeck, 26-Sep-2012
Last updated, 27-Sep-2012