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 How make a change in sioc-sys0-uw00 (05/31/11)

  1. ssh softegr@lcls-builder
    1. mkdir brobeck
    2. cd brobeck
    3. mkdir epics/ioc/UnixWatchDog
    4. cd epics/ioc/UnixWatchDog
    5. cvs co sioc-sys0-uw00
    6. cd sioc-sys0-uw00    (next time, only need to do cvs update in brobeck/epics/ioc/UnixWatchDog/sioc-sys0-uw00)
    7. make a change
    8. cd brobeck/epics/ioc/UnixWatchDog/sioc-sys0-uw00
    9. cvs commit -m "a few words about the change"
    10. cvs tag UnixWatchDog-R1-1-0     #Creates a new directory for easy backout
  2. - release to prod
    1. cd /usr/local/lcls/epics/iocTop/UnixWatchDog/sioc-sys0-uw00
    2. cvs co -d UnixWatchDog-R1-1-0 -r UnixWatchDog-R1-1-0 sioc-sys0-uw00
    3. cd UnixWatchDog-R1-1-0
    4. make
  3. - point to the new version
    1. cd /usr/local/lcls/epics/iocCommon/sioc-sys0-uw00/
    2. rm bin
    3. ln -s /usr/local/lcls/epics/iocTop/UnixWatchDog/UnixWatchDog-R1-1-0/bin/linux-x86 bin
  4. reboot sioc-sys0-uw00
  5. send a message to KenB for new release so Ken can update his script to release template file to this new area.


Created by Ken Brobeck 02-Jun-2011