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The script "rdist_rtems.bash" is a procedure to sync rtems in prod on LCLSCA network with Till's distribution in AFS.


The script is located in /afs/slac/g/lcls/tools/script.  The distribution root is in /afs/slac/package/rtems, and the target root in /usr/local/lcls/rtems. The script must be run on lcls-prod02, the distribution host. Only people who are authorized to access epicsmgr can run this script. It is our intension to have SOURCE and TARGET (e.g.

for 4.9.1: SOURCE=/afs/slac/package/rtems/4.9.1/ TARGET=/usr/local/lcls/rtems/rtems-4.9.1) hard-coded in the script to eliminate a possible human error if otherwise using arguments. Make sure you edit the script and update SOURCE and TARGET if needed to sync for a different version of RETMS!!!  Double check before you run it.

Usage:   lcls-prod02 $  /afs/slac/g/lcls/tools/script/rdist_rtems.bash

Please be patient - it may take long time to complete the sync. 

Please be sure to run on lcls-builder as epicsmgr in /usr/local/lcls/epics/setup after rdist_rtems.bash is completed!!! This script is needed to customize the necessary configuration files in rtems (e.g., so that EPICS base can be built against it on prod.

Make sure RTEMS_SITE_TOP and RTEMS_VER set correctly and match exactly with the version you are syncing (!!!):

e.g. for 4.9.1:
lcls-builder $ export RTEMS_SITE_TOP=/usr/local/lcls/rtems
lcls-builder $ export RTEMS_VER=rtems-4.9.1

Usage:   lcls-builder $  /usr/local/lcls/epics/setup/





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Author: Jingchen Zhou, 16-April-2009
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