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LCLS OPI Workstation Checklist


After any upgrade to the OPIís please follow this checklist to make sure it is still functioning as it should:


Click on the LCLSHOME icon
  -Run matlab

-Run Archive Viewer

  -Run Terminal
  -Run Alarm Handler
  -Run Strip Tool
Click on Firefox Icon
  -Open Logbooks  ( mccelog, physics-elog )
  -Open a pdf file  ( /usr/local/admin/PDF/OBP.pdf  )
Click on MCC SCP
  -Run an Epics Display
Click on TKL Screen Capture
  -Send display to logbooks & verify
Click on Xterm
Click on vt100 on MCC
Print to B/W and Color Printers


Created by Ken Brobeck on Feb 25 2008.

Modified: Mar 03 2008