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This page will help a user add knobs, move knobs, or delete knobs on the MCC SCP.

  1. Login into MCCDEV
    1. remove any special privileges
  2. Type: editdbs cow.dbs
    1. Make necessary changes
      1. Remember these files are formatted in a special way and have a strict syntax
    2. Save the file
      1. Procedure will automatically check for syntax
      2. Fix any errors if needed
    3. Do you wish to Testdbgen [Y]: type Yes
      1. -Take the Defaults
      2. If there are any errors you will be asked to edit cow.dbs again.
    4. "Do you want to auto-generate a Mini-Edit file now? (YES/NO) [N]": Type Y
      1. -This will create the mini-Edit file and a mini-Edit_restore file to update the MCC/MCCDEV database
    5. "Do you want to DBEDIT ''MINIEDIT_FILENAME'.DBS? (NO/YES)  [N]":  Type Y
      1. -Yes to put changes into the database now
      2. -No
        1. -run dbedit filename to install changes later
    6. If you make changes to the MCC/MCCDEV database
      1. Put new file back into CMS so the files match the database
  3. If you need to backout the changes
        1. A file is created during the editdbs to backout the changes
          1. ex) brobeck$cow.dbs_restore
        2. Type: dbedit brobeck$cow.dbs_restore


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Modified: 03-Jul-2012
Created by: Ken Brobeck July 3, 2012