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This is a how-to cheat-cheet for using the physics account on the channel access network. It's created by MikeZ and located in /home/physics.

Q: Who is this cheat-sheet for?
A: Physicists writing Matlab scripts using the physics
account on the Channel Access network.

Q: How do I log onto the channel access network?
A: While shared accounts are used, the command is:
ssh physics@lcls-srv01
If that hangs, then ssh into lcls-prod02 first:
ssh lcls-prod02

Q: Where do I put changes to the standard environment setup?
A: Put them in /home/physics/<username>/ENVS.
See /home/physics/zelazny/ENVS for an example.

Q: How do I check things out of cvs?
A: To checkout software (you only need to do this once):
cd /home/physics/zelazny
cvs co matlab/toolbox

Q: How to I put things back in cvs?
A: To put software into cvs:
cd /home/physics/zelazny/matlab/toolbox
cvs commit

Q: What if I created some new files?
A: To put new files into cvs:
cvs add <filename>
cvs commit

Q: Why is CVS asking for someone else's password?
A: Your environment isn't setup correctly. Setup with:

Q: I'm not listed when I "set_profile", what do I do?
A: Press "0" for none, then create your profile with:
cd /home/physics
mkdir <your afs username>

Q: How do I release to production?
A: To make software available for general use:

Q: How do I get files from /afs to the channel access network?
A: To get a file from /afs that's not in cvs:
scp loos@lcls-prod02:~loos/controls/profmon/profmon_setup.m .

Q: Where are the Matlab data files?
A: (on lcls-srv01) ls -als $MATLABDATAFILES
(on lcls-prod02) ls -als ls /mccfs2/u1/lcls/matlab
(from SLAC web browsers)

Q: I'm totally lost, what do I do?
A: Call Jingchen Zhou x4661


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Updated by Jingchen Zhou on 10-04-2008