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HOST : mccora3
Database Instance : MCCQA
Oracle Version :



Production Validation for IRMISDB and AIDA

Production for MPS_HISTORY


Schemas Applications Definition
MPS_HISTORY MPS GUI (Faults DB) Production data
LCLS_INFRASTRUCTURE   Nightly job updates from SLACPROD. Used by IRMISDB and AIDA validation jobs.
AIDA Aida Nightly validation jobs run and sync AIDA@MCCO from AIDA@MCCQA
IRMISDB IRMIS Crawler crawls the file system to get new and updated PVs (IOC config files).
(EPICS configuration data)  -  EPICS IOC boot files: PV lists  
    - EPICS IOC configurations  
    - Alarm Handler config files  
    - Channel Watcher config files  
    - Channel Archiver config files  
  IRMIS GUI shows IOC info, lists PVs by system (eg – FACET etc)
  IOC Info query app config details of IOC
  BSA software in IOCs (controllers) to get value of BSA devices in accelerator – gets BSA_ROOT_NAMES from IRMISDB
  Devices and PV List  
   - Archiver PV query app lists PVs that are archived by IOC and sub-systems (IOC applns which are controller of devices)
   - EPICS camdmp app has info on crate and modules by IOC and sub-system (like, what hardware is connected to the IOC and what module it uses)
MACHINE_MODEL Online Model For QA and Test purpose
SCORE Score For QA and Test purpose



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Author: Ken Brobeck

Modified: 11-Jul-2012