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Industrial Image 

Model: PMPC-617PF

Contact: Andy Osthoff  770-205-6636




  1. PXE boot the server
    1. Lock down SSH  (See lcls-daemon configs /etc/security/access.conf )
      1. # Only allow root uwd jingchen brobeck divekar to login from anywhere
        -:ALL EXCEPT root uwd jingchen brobeck divekar:ALL

  2. Install Galaxy Touch panel software
    1. cd /usr/local/admin/TouchPanel/eGalaxTouch32/eGalaxTouch-3.07
    2. cp eGalaxTouch-3.07.6014-32b-k26-Modified.tar to TouchPanel /tmp directory
      1. Untar and cd to eGalaxTouch32
      2. Run
        1. I modified to install in /opt
        2. Which Interface: USB   (The FEH use RS232 /dev/ttyS1)
        3. Reboot
      3. Calibrate:
        1. eGalaxTouch
  4. Install Virtual Keyboard
    1. yum install xvkbd
      1. Test with:  /usr/bin/xvkbd -secure -no-function -no-keypad -geometry 1000x225-5-5 &

             OLD Way: cd /usr/local/admin/TouchPanel/xvkbd-3.3


    make install

    Test with:  /usr/bin/xvkbd -secure -no-function -no-keypad -geometry 1000x225-5-5 &

  1. Make the Virtual Keyboard show up at login screen
    1. Edit /etc/gdm/Init/Default
      1. Add the following at the end of the file right before the exit 0: ##======================================================================
        ## Present the xvkbd for entering credentialls.
        sleep 5 && /usr/bin/xvkbd -secure -no-function -no-keypad -geometry 1000x225-5-5 &
    2. Modify Login screen
      1. System - Login Screen (menu)
        1. Set STYLE to plain
        2. Choose lcls-aerial.png for background image
        3. Uncheck "include configure menu Item"
        4. Uncheck "Include Hostname Chooser"
        5. Change Welcome message to "%n"


  2. Account Setup
    1. Create an account name unique to the location ( ex: pps-neh1 for lcls-neh1 )
      1. edit passwd file and add as shell:  /home/pps-neh1/bin/mysh
      2. Create /home/pps-neh1/bin/mysh
        1. #!/bin/bash

          /usr/bin/twm &

          if [ `uname -n` != lcls-neh1 ] && [ `uname -n` != lcls-nehspare ]
                echo "Cannot login to pps-neh1 on `uname -n`"
                sleep 5
                . /usr/local/lcls/tools/script/ENVS.bash
                edm -eolc -x -noedit -m "hutch=1,panel=ops" pps_neh1_touchcontrols_main.edl


        2. It is important that pps-neh1 can only login to lcls-neh1, etc... (lcls-nehspare is our testbox)
    2. Create a .twmrc file in /home/pps-neh1
      1. Add:  RandomPlacement
                 UsePPosition on
      2. Set permissions and owner ( chmod 644 .twmrc and set owner to root )
        1. ls -la .twmrc
          -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 33 Sep 13 13:39 .twmrc

  3. For issues related to DISPLAY size, put the line <Modes "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"> under "Screen" section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf file

          Section "Screen"
          Identifier "Screen0"
          Device "Videocard0"
          DefaultDepth 24
          SubSection "Display"
          Viewport 0 0
          Depth 24
          Modes "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"


    1. SUNRAY Setup (Not Needed) Alternative setup for retricted shell
      1. Add this account to the PPS profile from Kiosk Admin Tool on sunsrv05
        1. Edit /root/update-sunray-servers to include new Server
        2. Run /root/update-sunray-servers  (to copy account into to server)
        3. Remove ~newuser/.kde/Autostart/Auto*
        4. Create ~newuser/.kde/Autostart/start_pps, to start up EDM screen on login
          1. chmod a+x ~newuser/.kde/Autostart/start_pps
          2. EX) #!/bin/bash
                   edm -x -noedit pps_neh1_touchcontrols_main.edl





Author: Ken Brobeck.

Last edited onMay 15, 2015