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Access Control using Authorized_keys file

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There are 3 scripts that we use to manage our authorized_keys files:


Name Location Description Files
get-users /usr/local/admin/User-lists Gets names for all users in authorized_keys files for physics, fphysics, softegr, fsoftegr, acclegr, and facclegr Full-User-list-sorted
chk-get-user Taylor'd server: ~brobeck/scripts Used the Full-User-list-sorted file to check against the SLAC NIS passwd file. /u/cd/brobeck/scripts/   Not-in-passwd
chk-remove-auth /usr/local/admin/User-lists Uses Not-in-passwd file to delete authorized keys from our accounts if NOT in our passwd file Makes copy of authorized_keys files before any deletions.




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Author: Ken Brobeck

Modified: 31-Oct-2014