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The LCLS Summary Display provides SLAC public “at a glance” view of the LCLS status. This document describes the setup that brings the display to SLAC public.


William Colocho implemented a Matlab program that keeps track of beam uptime by looking at beam charge and the four energy BPMs. The program writes values to EPICS PVs and keeps a 24 hour buffer of the uptime and other LCLS parameters. There is an EDM display, lclsMap.edl in /usr/local/lcls/tools/edm/display/misc in prod, that shows this 24 hour buffers for "Up time" and a LCLS map.

Sunray and X Server

The LCLS Summary Display is displayed on a Sunray (sitting on the MCC second floor) using the "summary" account.  The display automatically starts up when the summary account is logged in to the Sunray. 

Files used to start the Summary display:

  • ~summary/.kde/Autostart/Start_summary_display
ssh lcls-srv02 /home/summary/bin/Start_summary_display &
  • /home/summary/bin/Start_summary_display

. /usr/local/lcls/epics/setup/epicsReset.bash

cd /usr/local/lcls/tools/edm/display/misc
edm -noscrl -eolc -x -noedit lclsMap.edl &

The Sunray functions as the X server that hosts the EDM display. The X information is kept in /usr/local/admin/sunray/summary in prod and in /nfs/slac/g/lcls/sys/sunray/summary when the Sunray session starts up. The EDM display must stay up all the time!

import2gif and WEB

There is a script "import2gif" that talks to the X server and captures the window showing the EDM display on the Sunray, and generates an image (lcls.gif) and saves it in /afs/slac/g/cd/soft/images. import2gif is in /afs/slac/g/lcls/tools/script. The script runs every five minutes as a cron job on lcls-prod01 using laci account:

[laci@lcls-prod01 ~]$ trscrontab -l
lcls-prod01 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * (/afs/slac/g/lcls/tools/script/import2gif /afs/slac/g/cd/soft/images) > /tmp/import2gif.log 2>&1


The image is made available to SLAC public via a WEB page in:

LCLS Summary Display:


Restart matlab script

Bring up lclshome and select Global Displays

  • 24 Hour CUD is the process that controls the summary display:
    • ( ssh physics@lcls-srv03 Matlab_startup last24Hours & )


Modified on: 21-Apr-2009