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How to Access SLAC Windows PC via Remote Desktop from Off-site  

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         This document describes how to access SLAC Windows PC via Remote Desktop from off-site. This is needed to allow system team to gain

         access to Linux system consoles remotely to diagnose systems which are on DMZ network.

        See for a list of Linux systems that has remote console support.

         Setup in SLAC Windows PC

          Make sure your office Windows PC in SLAC is enabled to allow remote desktop access. If not, you can enable it by:


Remote Access from Home's Windows PC

Make sure your home's Windows PC have X-Win32 installed and configured. We use to tunnel in SLAC via ssh.

  • Start up X-Win32, if not up yet
  • Select My Sessions and Noric
  • Login noric
  • Type "rdesktop office_PC_nodename", e.g., "rdesktop cdntwksxx", at the shell.
  • Login your officeWindows PC
  • Launch Internet Explore browser
  • open up
  • select a system for remote console access
  • Once completed, disconnect the remote desktop via Start -> Disconnect

That is it.

Alternatively, you can use Windows application, Remote Desktop Connection, to access SLAC office PC. That, however, requires your home PC have VPN installed. Below is the procedure, assuming VPN already in place.

  • Start up VPN and login
  • Select Programs, Accessories, Communications, Remote Desktop Connection from Start
  • Enter, e.g.,
  • Login your office Windows PC.
  • Again, disconnect the remote desktop via Start -> Disconnect when done.


Contact: Jingchen Zhou (X4661, jingchen@slac). Last edited on Jan 16, 09