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This SunRay workstation is an ultra-thin client running on the LCLS private network. This means that you are actually running from a server and displaying the info back to the SunRay client. Because the SunRay serversí main function is to be a session manager we do not want anyone to run applications from the SunRay server.

Please use the icons provided to run applications

If you need an application and cannot find a way to start the application through the icons provided please contact Ken Brobeck or Jingchen Zhou (Info is provided below). The SunRay servers are isolated from SCCS for production purpose; therefore, many tools and applications supported by SCCS may not be available. We are happy to provide needed tools to local users as much as we can. Please let us know if you have any special need. This note will be updated whenever there is a system upgrade.

Basic operation

Login: (Username should be on the keyboard) (EOIC Desk x2151 has the password)

Many of the login names will be shared so if a window pops up and says your already logged in elsewhere do you want to continue? Answer yes.


KDE Desktop:

The Front Panel window is at the bottom of the desktop. It provides controls (icons) for starting applications. You can hover over the icon to get a description of the icon. The Front Panel also provides the multiple workspaces to keep your desktop uncluttered.




Run applications:

Use the LCLSHOME to launch LCLS applications.


Run SCP:

Use the MCC SCP icon.



Click the RedHat icon (The Red Hat) and select logout.


Contact persons:

Ken Brobeck: x2558, brobeck@slac; Jingchen Zhou: x4661, jingchen@slac




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Author: Ken Brobeck, 04-Mar-2008