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How to Restore from AFS Backup 

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         This document describes how to restore files from the backup for SCS AFS space.  The procedure for restoring files from

          limited supported NFS backup is covered in, and a

          procedure for the controls UNIX backup via our DLT tape drives will be described in a separate page.


In contract to SCS NFS space, SCS  provides full backup support for AFS space where user's home directories, group and package areas are located. 


Backup/Restore for a user's home directory

Restoring from the backup for a user's home directory is very straight forward.  The backup for /afs/slac/u/cd/username

is in /afs/slac/backup/u/cd/username, always online and available for restoring.  Using cp to restore files from /afs/slac/backup/u/cd/username is all needed. For example, 

    • the home directory for user jingchen is in


    • the backup is in
    •  to restore

    cp /afs/slac/backup/u/cd/jingchen/filename somewhere


Backup/Restore for a group directory or a package area

For a group directory or a package area in AFS,  one has to make the backup volume available on line via fs command and then restore. Here is the example for group nlcdev /afs/slac/g/nlcdev:

    • Find the volume name for /afs/slac/g/nlcdev
      $ fs listquota /afs/slac/g/nlcdev
      Volume Name Quota Used %Used Partition
      g.nlcdev 100000 21690 22% 56%
              The volume name is in the first column, which is g.nlcdev.
    • Make a mounting point

$ cd $HOME

$ fs mkmount afsbackup g.nlcdev.backup

afsbckup is the name of mounting point.

    • Verify if the backup volume is online

$ fs lsmount afsbackup
'afsbackup' is a mount point for volume '#g.nlcdev.backup'
$ ls afsbackup/
ctrl/ ioc@ pack/ tarf/ vib/

    • Restore files

              Again, all needed is to use cp to restore files from afsbackup.

              $ cp afsbackup/filename somewhere

    • Remove the mount point
              Always remember to delete the mounting point after you are done with restoring.
              $ fs rmmount afsbackup

Restoring for a package area in AFS works the same way as for a group directory.



Created: Jingchen

Modified: 06-Nov-2009