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The EMC Data Domain dd2200 does not need any interaction.  All backups/restores are performed from the Networker Software on mccfs9.

Do Not Make Any Changes to the Data Domains



Power Down Data Domain

  1. Power off Data Domains ( mccdd01 & mccdd02 )
    1. Use the system poweroff command.  The command automatically performs an orderly shut down of DD OS processes.  The command is available to administrative users only



Caution: Do not use the chassis power switch to power off the system.  Doing so will prevent the ability of the system to be remotely powered up using IPMI.  The 'system poweroff' command shuts down the system and turns off the power.


ssh -l sysadmin mccdd01

# system poweroff

Continue? (yes|no|?) [no]: yes

Note: The IPMI Remote System Power Down feature does not perform an orderly shutdown of the DD OS





Login to Data Domain Appliance:  http://mccdd01  (You can see both devices: mccdd01, and mccdd02)








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Author: Ken Brobeck, 13-Jul-2016
Last updated, 23-Aug-2017