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Modified: 05-Jun-2013



Unexpected Power Outages:


When an unexpected power outage occurs the UPS' should shutdown their servers automatically according to the table on UPS-Order.html.  The UPS' will then run until they are physically turned off or they run out of battery power.  The UPS' should not turn on automatically when power it restored.  In the case where the servers were not powered off by the UPS as expected the system admin should either login to the server via console and issue the shutdown command or push the power button one time to start a shutdown.


Planned Power Outages:


When there is a planned power outage the system admins will shutdown our servers in reverse order of MCCServersPowerUp.html.  Once the servers have been powered off the UPS can also be powered off.


Remote Servers Outages:


For servers in the field there is a POC for each server.  This POC is responsible for power cycling the server if needed.  The system admins will not be driving over all of SLAC to power on these types of servers; we are much to busy in MCC getting the control system back up.  Please refer to the policy of Servers in the Field.  Servers in the field will most likely come up automatically when power is restored.  The NFS server will probably not be up at this time and the NFS mounts will fail.  All fstab will have "bg" in the options so the server will keep trying to connect to our NFS server.  When the control system is up the system admins should verify the remote servers are up and running.



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