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Windows have always been a huge security risk for any network.  At the inception of LCLS it was concluded that LCLS will be Redhat Linux only and that we will not support any Windows servers/workstations on our Controls Network.  The quick answer is no Windows servers/workstations on the Controls Network.  The Controls department does not have the infrastructure to manage Windows servers/workstations.

If we need to support Windows on the Controls Network the following restrictions will apply:

  • All Windows workstations will be built fresh by SCCS and then scanned by SCCS Security
  • Windows Workstation will be installed in MCC Computer room where there is limited access
  • USB use with Windows Workstation:
    • USB storage will be turned off by default
    • USB must be scanned by SCCS Security before insertion into the Windows workstation
    • If data is copied from USB to Windows Workstation the Workstation must be scanned again by SCCS Security












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Author: Ken Brobeck

Modified: 15-Oct-2013