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This web page describes the files modified to control the physics desktop

Locking down KDE:

Placing a “[$i]” in the front of the file to disable modifications


  • /home/physics/.kde/share/config
    • kwinrc                 - Desktops
    • kickerrc               - Taskbar
    • kdeglobals            - locale settings, color schemes, and shortcuts
    • kdesktoprc           - Desktop



To bring up menus via command line:  KDE Rhel5

To configure session settings:

  • kcmshell kcmsmserver
  • kcmshell --list

    background - Change the background settings
    colors - Color settings
    fonts - Font settings
    icons - Customize KDE Icons
    kcmlaunch - Choose application-launch feedback style
    screensaver - Screen Saver Settings
    ksplashthememgr - Manager for Splash Screen Themes
    style - Allows the manipulation of widget behavior and changing the Style for KDE
    kthememanager - Manage global KDE visual themes
    kwindecoration - Configure the look and feel of window titles
    desktopbehavior - You can configure how the desktop behaves here
    desktop - You can configure how many virtual desktops there are.
    panel - Configure the arrangement of the panel
    kcmtaskbar - Configure the panel taskbar
    kwinoptions - Configure the window behavior
    kwinrules - Configure settings specifically for a window
    khtml_filter - Configure Konqueror AdBlocK filters
    useragent - Configure the way Konqueror reports itself
    cache - Configure web cache settings
    kcmcgi - Configure the CGI KIO slave
    cookies - Configure the way cookies work
    khtml_fonts - Configure the fonts used on web pages
    kcmhistory - Configure the history sidebar
    khtml_java_js - Configure the behavior of Java and JavaScript
    khtml_plugins - Configure the browser plugins
    kcmcss - Configure the stylesheets used to render web pages
    khtml_behavior - Configure the browser behavior
    ebrowsing - Configure enhanced browsing
    netpref - Configure generic network preferences, like timeout values
    kcmkrfb - Configure Desktop Sharing
    fileshare - Enable or disable file sharing
    lanbrowser - Setup lisa, reslisa and the ioslaves
    kcmktalkd - Talk daemon configuration
    proxy - Configure the proxy servers used
    kcmsambaconf - A module to configure shares for Microsoft Windows
    kcm_kdnssd - Configure service discovery
    kcmwifi - Set up your wireless LAN
    componentchooser - Choose the default components for various services
    filetypes - Configure file associations
    filebrowser - You can configure Konqueror's file manager mode here
    kcmperformance - Configure settings that can improve KDE performance
    kresources - Configure KDE Resources
    kcmkded - System Services Configuration
    kcmsmserver - Configure the session manager and logout settings
    spellchecking - Configure the spell checker
    kamera - Configure Kamera
    display - Display Settings
    joystick - joystick - a kcontrol module to test joysticks
    keyboard - Keyboard settings
    mouse - Mouse settings
    printers - Printing system configuration (printers, jobs, classes, ...)
    kcmlirc - Configure your remote controls for use with applications
    media - Configure Storage Media
    laptop - Laptop Battery
    kcmaccess - Improve accessibility for disabled persons
    language - Language, numeric, and time settings for your particular region

    khotkeys - Configure Hotkey settings
    keyboard_layout - Keyboard Layout
    keys - Configuration of keybindings
    kcmkttsd - Text-to-Speech Control Module
    crypto - Configure SSL, manage certificates, and other cryptography settings
    kwalletconfig - KDE Wallet Configuration
    kcm_useraccount - User information such as password, name and email
    privacy - Privacy - a kcontrol module to clean unwanted traces the user leaves on the system
    audiocd - Audiocd IO Slave Configuration
    arts - Sound System Configuration
    bell - System Bell Configuration
    kcmnotify - System Notification Configuration
    clock - Date and time settings
    kcmfontinst - Install & preview fonts
    thinkpad - Configure the KDE Interface to the IBM Thinkpad Special Controls
    kcmkmrml - Configuration for using the GNU Image Finding Tool
    kdm - Configure the login manager (KDM)
    desktoppath - Change the location important files are stored
    kvaio - Configure the KDE Interface to the Sony Programmable Interrupt Controller Driver



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Author: Ken Brobeck: 23-Mar-2010
Last updated: 24-Jul-2014