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Updated: 05-May-2009

This checklist is provided to help configure our servers

There is a simple checklist and a more detailed list below

Server Checklist

  Establish names/IP's for both the server and its management port with Cando
  Install Server in rack
  Choose UPS to provide power
  Setup Network for Eth0 and management port

Label cables

  Setup KVM
  Use clone disk to boot up server
  Setup DRAC - while booting
  Change name and configure server
  Setup Access Control
  Reboot and verify
  Modify hosts file on mccfs2 if applicable and run
  Install PowerChute Software and configure
  Edit web pages
  Add server to CA Security if needed
  Add to UWD
  Login and check server, DRAC, Openmanage



Detailed Checklist


  1. Establish names/IP's for both the server and its management port with Cando
    1. MGT ports are on the LEB network
  2. Install Server in rack
  3. Choose UPS to provide power ( )
  4. Setup network switch ports for eth0 and the management port
    1. Eth0 will probably be on the Core router
      1. Make sure to run cable long enough to also reach same port on the Core2 router
    2. MGT port will be on swh-mcc0-nw01
      1. first two switches handle gigabit connections so let's use switch 3 until all used up
  5. Label all cables accordingly - both ends (Look at existing cables as examples)
    1. Put 10 spaces on the label before typing to allow the "wrap"
    2. Label the cable after it is plugged into the device -to make it more easily read
  6. Setup and label KVM connections
  7. Use clone disk (in cabinet)
    1. AFS Clone (lcls-prod08)
    2. LCLS network Clone   (lcls-srv20)
  8. While system is booting
    1. Hit CTRL-E when prompted to configure DRAC (management card)
      1. Enter IP, mask, DNS, Domain, password
  9. After bootup change name
    1. Edit HOSTNAME file ( AFS only )
    2. Edit hosts file 
      1. Change /etc/hosts file
    3. Edit /etc/sysconfig/networks
    4. Edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
    5. Edit /etc/taylor.opts (AFS only)
  10. Setup Access Control
    1. check the /etc/security/access.conf for controlling logins (LCLS)   LCLS Server ACCESS
      1. Ex) -:ALL EXCEPT root laci uwd jingchen brobeck ernesto physics:ALL
    2. check the /etc/passwd file to add or remove limited logins
      1. Ex) +uwd::::::/bin/tcsh
  11. Reboot
  12. Edit /etc/hosts file on mccfs2 and add new host
    1. Edit /usr/local/admin/scripts/ to add new server and run (LCLS Network)
  13. Install Powerchute UPS software   ( install UPS Client Software )
    1. Run /opt/APC/PowerChute/uninstall
    2. cd /usr/local/admin/Powerchute/pcns223Linux/
      1. ./
    3. cd cd /opt/APC/PowerChute/group1/
      1. ./
        1. Type in UPS login name, password, and authphrase (lcls_authphrase)
    4. login to UPS and verify IP is listed as a client   ( )
  14. Edit appropriate web pages
    1. UPS List
    2. Remote access
    3. LCLS Controls Unix Systems
    4. OPI Info
  15. Add server to IOC CA security if needed
    1. current list: HAG(lcls) {lcls-prod01, lcls-prod02, lcls-builder, lcls-srv01, lcls-srv02, lcls-srv03, lcls-srv04, lcls-srv05, lcls-srv06, lcls-srv07, lcls-srv08, lcls-srv09, lcls-opi01, lcls-opi02, lcls-opi03, lcls-opi04, lcls-opi05, lcls-opi06, lcls-opi07, lcls-opi08, lcls-opi09}
  16. Add server to UWD -send email to Ken Brobeck
    1. Brobeck will add PVs to Archiver -send PV list to Bob Hall
  17. Login to server
  18. Login to management port (DRAC) ( Remote access )
    1. Check console
  19. Login to OpenManage ( Remote access )

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Created by Ken Brobeck: 29-Apr-2009