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Adding CUDS (Sun Rays) to SCP Panel


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Modified: Ken Brobeck  27-Oct-2015



The old CUD software was designed to go to a set of monitors which had fixed decnet or tcpip addresses.  The design was to enter all these potential monitors in the database CUDM primaries, and put the corresponding buttons on the CUD panels so that a monitor could be selected and paired with a "display" (one of the set of CUD processes that generate specifically displays).

When the SUN monitors came along they didn't quite match this scheme because their tcpip names were not fixed.   To accommodate them the scheme (implemented thru SLCCOM:UPDATE_CUDMNODE.SUBMIT ) was to provide a means to properly update the monitor display address each time it changed (updating the CUDM NODE secondary for that unit which had a matching CUDM NAME secondary).  This seemed to be the simplest way to fit the SUNRAY's into the existing SCP code and panel code design.


How to add new monitor names using the existing scheme?

  (1) Enter each new name in a currently unused (or obsolete) CUDM unit

  (2) Put a corresonding button on panel

Sunray Dirs:






  1. editdbs cud.dbs
    1. ***Made a change:  EVE == emacs ***
      1. I should be able to edit file in emacs now
        1. Note: I do not edit the file using the default editor (wrong keyboard -no goldkey).  I use emacs.
          1. edit BROBECK$CUD.DBS ( generated in working directory)
          2. As long as you do not check back into CMS you can editdbs cud.dbs again to use this file
    2. When edits are complete run editdbs cud.dbs again -follow prompts (not needed if new editor works)
    3. Make sanity checks
    4. Create a mini-edit file to be used be DBEDIT to change MCC & MCCDEV active databases
    5. CMS replacing the file and running DBEDIT to make changed in both databases
  3. Update each new CUD Name monitor you add/change to the button on the proper panel/s
    1. cd to work directory
      1. slccms set library cms_slcpnl
      2. slccms reserve cudsnray.pnl
      3. emacs cudsnray.pnl and make changes
      4. cchk cudsnray.pnl
      5. cmp cudsnray.pnl
    2. Bring up SCP on MCC
      1. Special Display -> SunRay as CUD Panel
        1. Verify/Test your changes
  4. Update Sunray Display info
    1. You will either have to log out of each Sun Ray CUD and back in, OR
      1. Copy over Sun Ray CUD display info
        1. on Linux: su to Sunray account (ex; sm21)
        2. cd /usr/local/admin/sunray
        3. scp sm21 mccscp@mcc:/sunray_display/sm21.disp
          1. Do this for all newly added Sun Ray Cuds
      2. To verify that the display information is working on MCC/MCCDEV
        1. cd sunray_display_processed  on MCC/MCCDEV
        2. dir/sin should show newly created display file
          1. These should NOT have "NOT_A_CUDM"
          2. should look like:
          3. mcc::brobeck>cd sunray_display_processed




            LM20.DISP_DONE;1    LM20.LOG_DBEDIT;1   LM20.MCCDEV_DISP_DONE;1

            LM20.MCCDEV_LOG_DBEDIT;1                LM21.DISP_DONE;1    LM21.LOG_DBEDIT;1 

            LM21.MCCDEV_DISP_DONE;1                 LM21.MCCDEV_LOG_DBEDIT;1

            LM22.DISP_DONE;1    LM22.LOG_DBEDIT;1   LM22.MCCDEV_DISP_DONE;1

            LM22.MCCDEV_LOG_DBEDIT;1                SM21.DISP_DONE;1    SM21.LOG_DBEDIT;1 

            SM21.MCCDEV_DISP_DONE;1                 SM21.MCCDEV_LOG_DBEDIT;1

            SM22.DISP_DONE;1    SM22.LOG_DBEDIT;1   SM22.MCCDEV_DISP_DONE;1

            SM22.MCCDEV_LOG_DBEDIT;1                SM23.DISP_DONE;1    SM23.LOG_DBEDIT;1 

            SM23.MCCDEV_DISP_DONE;1                 SM23.MCCDEV_LOG_DBEDIT;1

            SM24.DISP_DONE;1    SM24.LOG_DBEDIT;1   SM24.MCCDEV_DISP_DONE;1

            SM24.MCCDEV_LOG_DBEDIT;1                SM25.DISP_DONE;1    SM25.LOG_DBEDIT;1 

            SM25.MCCDEV_DISP_DONE;1                 SM25.MCCDEV_LOG_DBEDIT;1




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