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Modified: 06-Dec-2016


We have set up an EPICS Archiver cluster on the LCLSDEV network. You can add/manage your PVs in one of two ways:


1. Go to the following URL in your browser:


The user guide can be found at the "Help" link in the upper right or by going here:


2. Using the API. Javadoc for the API is located here:




The following default archiving policy is in place:


- No waveforms allowed

- PVs are stored in the following traunches:


Short Term Storage: 1 hour (in RAM)

Medium Term Storage: 1 day (on disk)

Long Term Storage: 3 months (on disk)


After PV data has aged to each limit it is cycled to the next phase of storage, until it surpasses LTS (3 months) and is removed.


Please be aware of this policy when adding PVs to the DEV Archiver.


If you have questions or find bugs/issues, please let Murali or myself know.


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Created by: Ken Brobeck 06-Dec-2016