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Install Dell Server Administrator

  • Following example assumes we are using OPenmanage 6.3.
  • Logon to the non-managed server as root.
  • cd /usr/local/admin/OpenManage/6.3/supportscripts
    • ./  --express
    • ./ start

For assigning ip address to openmanage/rac network port -

Get/Assign an unused hostname/ip address.

Ping that ip address to ensure that it's not in use.

# /opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/racadm getniccfg
# racadm setniccfg -s 172.27.7.X  <<- Note use proper ip address, netmask and gateway .

Ping the ip address. In case of any issue , use command "racadm racreset"

Note - For tailored machines please obtain NFS access by filling out Superuser/NFS Privileges form.



Install Directory for Openmanage:

  • /nfs/slac/g/lcls/sys/OpenManage
  • /usr/local/admin/OpenManage







After RHEL6 install you will need to install:





Web Services for Management (WS-MAN) is a specification for managing computer systems using web services standards.

  • libwsman1
  • openwsman-client


Install Dell PowerEdge Service and Diagnostic Utilities

insert Dell PowerEdge Service and Diagnostic Utilities into a Windows CD drive

  1.   select PowerEdge 1950
  2.   select Red Hat Linux


load Red Had 4 Linux 4.0 Diagnostics

  1. Load PowerEdge Diagnostics (Diagnostics Utilities) (GUN Zip) into a USB flash
  2. take PowerEdge 2950 and RHEL4 for example
  1. cd /usr/local/admin/PowerEdge/pediags/PowerEdge 2950/rhel4/pediags
  2. ./
  3. Diagnostic Utilities is installed in and can be launched from
  4. /opt/dell/pediags/

   (see for how to use.)


Upgrade the firmware for Dell PERC 5/i Integrated Controller (PE2950)


The firmware information can be found via

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator -> Storage -> PERC 5/i Integrated ->  Firmware/Driver Verisons


  1. download FRMW_LX_R169302.BIN from and store it in /usr/local/admin/PowerEdge/firmware
  2. stop the Dell OpenManage(TM) Server Administrator service
    1. omconfig system webserver action=stop
  3. stop the Server Administrator Storage Management Service,
    1. /etc/init.d/dataeng stop
  4. ./FRMW_LX_R169302.BIN --version for help
  5. ./FRMW_LX_R169302.BIN for installation.
  6. reboot the system


How to Perform Firmware Update on PE systems (01/29/09)

This procedure provides information about how to update all the firmware at

once on a PowerEdge system (e.g. PE1950, PE2950, PE2850 and etc). The firmware

may include BIOS, ESM, backplane, RAID controller, and hard drive firmware.


- Print the firmware summry info before update (useful for comparasion):

1) https://lcls-srv05-mgt/cgi-bin/webcgi/main

2) Properties -> Summary


- Update the firmware from local console (not remote console)

1) insert Dell Systems Build and Update Utility (SBUU) CD,

   mount /media/cdrom if needed.

2) reboot

3) select "Dell Systems Build and Update Utility" when "Boot Menu"

   screen shows up.

4) Select Firmware Update when the "Home" page for "Dell Systems Build and

   Update Utility" displays (after langage selection).

5) insert Dell System Updates (SUU) DVD

6) Perform updates.

7) Reboot to make the update effective.


Memory Installation (02/25/09)

There are 8 memory slots on PE1950 (and PE2950) system, which are arranged as:


DIMM Slot: 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 8


The optiomal memory configuration, as recommended by Dell, is a population of

either 2 DIMMs, or 4 DIMMs, or 8 DIMMs (i.e., populated all slots).

They must installed in pair, starting slot 1 and 2; for example:


Slot 1   2               for 2 DIMMs 

Slot 1   2   3   4       for 4 DIMMs

Slot 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 8     for 8 DIMMs





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Modified: 16-Jul-2009