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How To Modify an XWin32 Session


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How to change lcls-prod02 session to mcclogin:
  1. Open up X-Config :
    • Right-click on XWIN icon on your right hand corner of your taskbar and select: X-Config
    • Or Click on START - Programs - XWin32 - X-Config
  2. The default session that uses lcls-prod02 is "LCLS SLAC Network"  (if you use other sessions please check them also)
    1. Change LCLS Home/Wireless
      1. Change "Command" to:  xterm -e "ssh mcclogin "
    2. Change LCLS SLAC/Network
      1. Change Host:
    3. Change any other sessions that has lcls-prod02 in the "Host" or "Command" line



  1. Highlight session and select the "EDIT" button
    1. Modify HOST field : change any instance of lcls-prod02 to mcclogin
    2. Click on SAVE
    3. Check the "Command" field: Change any instance of lcls-prod02 to mcclogin







Created by Ken Brobeck on Dec 06, 2010.