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Modified: 21-Feb-2013


We have set up a mail relay server on lcls-prod03


    • Make sure sendmail is set to startup and is running on lcls-prod03
      • service sendmail status
      • chkconfig --list sendmail
    • Add the following line to /etc/mail/access
      • 172.27      RELAY
    • Add the following to /etc/mail/relay-domains
    • Restart sendmail services

On our Private servers:

  • The "DS" line in /etc/mail/ need to be changed to ""
    • This sets up the Smart Relay to lcls-prod03
    • sed -i s/^DS$/ /etc/mail/
  • Restart sendmail services


How to send mail from our PROD servers:

  • Just send email the normal way as all mail will get relayed to lcls-prod03





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Author: Brobeck

Modified: 21-Feb-2013