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The script "iocTSmgr" is a script to reset the Terminal Server port number for an IOC, and show the configuration of the Terminal Server associated with the IOC. This is needed when iocConsole fails and you have tried step 1 and 2 as described in troubleshooting in:



Production -Script must be run as iocegr
Development -User must be in the lcls-iocegr group


Usage:    iocTSmgr   (ioc-name)   ( reset | config | line | ether | port )

Example:   iocTSmgr  ioc-xxx-xxx  reset

reset -performs a reset on the port associated with the ioc
config   -shows configuration of terminal server
line       -shows serial port configurations
ether -shows ethernet port configurations
port -shows All IOC's and their port # on terminal server associated with the IOC provided




  *Note: The following should be ignored -the command executed

              term len 0

             Command is not valid or unique.
             Hit "?" for a list of commands.



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Author: Ken Brobeck, 10-Aug-2007
Last updated, 15-Jul-2010