Message Logging Systems Restart

The information in this document may be used when a problem is detected with Message Logging systems. Typically this will be when a message viewer is brought up and it cannot connect to the server (resulting in neither message is displayed nor being updated). In most cases, the solution will be to restart Message Logging Server (i.e, iocLogMsgServer).

Message Logging Servers

There are multiple Message Logging Servers, one for each accelerator facility, as listed in the table below:

Faccility Host Account Service
LCLS lcls-daemon2 laci S98st.iocLogMsgServer
FACET facet-daemon1 flaci S97st.iocLogMsgServer
Test Facilities testfac-daemon2 acctf S98st.iocLogMsgServer


First, bring up the Message Logging Viwer from lclshome, or facethome or xtahome. There is only one viewer to support all facilties. Click Message Log button. By default, the viewer comes up for LCLS only. One can uncheck LCLS, check FACET (and click Apply button) to view messages only for FACET. Make sure Listen to live messages is enabled.

A server can be restarted via one of two methods:

Refer to the table above and log in the proper host to restart the proper server. For example, for LCLS,

ssh lcls-daemon2 -l laci

/etc/rc3.d/S98st.iocLogMsgServer stop

/etc/rc3.d/S98st.iocLogMsgServer start

Take LCLS for example.

UWD -> LCLS Servers -> lcls-daemon2 -> PROC -> lcls-daemon2 iocLogMsgSrv

Be sure to verify via the viewer. Also be sure to check the server's log file:

tail -f $TOOLS_DATA/iocLogMsgServer/iocLogMsgServer.log

If the problem still can't be resloved after a restart, Poonam should be consulted to see if there is any issue with Oracle (nromally iocLogMsgServer.log should tell you right away). Message Logging System uses Oracle to keep its message files and use Oracle Wallet to help with database connection.

The Message Loggin Viewer is a Java based application; for any issue with the viewer, please consult Murali.


  1. for design related documents for both viewer and server, please refer{5AE13CA3-AF66-470F-9BCA-A1F7E8FD6CA9}


Author:  Jingchen Zhou 10-Feb-2015