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The FACET-Experiment Gateway provides the experimenters in B224 (FACET Experiment Trailer) an access to FACET accelerator controls.  The Gateway is hosted on a dedicated machine (lcls-prod01) on controls DMZ network. The Gateway is designed in such that only the workstations in B224 on the protected B244IFZ subnet can have write access to a list of selected Controls PVs. All the controls PV are made available to the public as Read-only by default. The diagram below shows its setup and Channel Access definition.


How to use the Gateway:

1) Log in to any Linux workstation in FACET Experiment User Area B244 (e.g.  ar-facet05).

2) To access FACET Controls PVs via the Gateway,  have the following environment variables defined (e.g. in your .bashrc)
export EPICS_CA_ADDR_LIST=lcls-prod01
export EPICS_CA_MAX_ARRAY_BYTES=80000000

3) To read a PV, for example:

caget OVEN:LI20:3185:TEMP3

How to manage the Gateway:
coming soon.

Created by Jingchen Zhou on Nov 09, 2011

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