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XX International Linac Conference

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Adolphsen, Chris

TUE01 (Poster) - Complete
TUE02 (Poster) - NoShow

Akemoto, Mitsuo

THA14 (Poster) - Complete

Akre, Ron

THC11 (Poster) - Complete

Alessi, James

MOD08 (Poster) - Withdrawn: per author

Allen, Christopher

MOE13 (Poster) - Complete

Anderson, David

TUB02 (Poster) - NoShow

B      -- top --

Balleyguier, Pascal

THB20 (Poster) - Complete
THE10 (Poster) - Complete

Bane, Karl

TUA06 (Poster) - Complete
MOA21 (Poster) - Complete

Barnard, John

MOE12 (Poster) - Complete

Barth, Winfried

MOD13 (Poster) - Complete
FR201 (Invited) - Complete

Batygin, Yuri

MOE17 (Poster) - Complete
MOE18 (Poster) - Complete

Berg, William

MOC06 (Poster) - Complete

Bharadwaj, Vinod

MOB03 (Poster) - Withdrawn: per author

Bohn, Courtlandt

MOA01 (Poster) - Complete

Bondarev, Boris

THB15 (Poster) - Complete

Borland, Michael

THC05 (Poster) - Complete
THB16 (Poster) - Complete

Bricault, Pierre

MOD04 (Poster) - Complete
MOD03 (Poster) - Complete

Briggs, Richard

WE100 (Invited) - Complete

Brinkmann, Reinhard

MO202 (Invited) - Complete

C      -- top --

Caporaso, George

WE101 (Invited) - Complete
TUC06 (Poster) - Complete
TUC07 (Poster) - Complete

Carneiro, Jean-Paul

MOB06 (Poster) - Complete

Cassel, Richard

THA13 (Poster) - Complete

Castro, Pedro

TH103 (Invited) - Complete

Celata, C.M.

WE202 (Invited) - Complete

Chan, K. C. Dominic

THD16 (Poster) - Complete
THD17 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Chehab, Robert

MOB21 (Poster) - Complete

Chen, Yu-Jiuan

TUB19 (Oral Poster) - Complete
TUB20 (Poster) - Complete

Chin, Yong Ho

THA10 (Oral Poster) - NoShow

Choi, Byung-Ho

TUD21 (Poster) - Complete

Cole, Michael

THE09 (Poster) - Complete
MOB11 (Poster) - Complete

Colestock, Patrick L.

THB07 (Poster) - Complete

Conde, Manoel

MOB15 (Poster) - Complete

Cook, Edward

TUC10 (Poster) - Complete
WE103 (Invited) - Complete

Corredoura, Paul

TUC18 (Poster) - Complete

Corsini, Roberto

TH206 (Invited) - Complete
MOA05 (Poster) - Complete

Cummings, Karen

THE04 (Poster) - Complete

D      -- top --

D'Auria, Gerardo

MOB07 (Poster) - Complete

Dahl, Ludwig

MOD15 (Poster) - Complete

Dai Zhiyong,

TUC04 (Poster) - Incomplete: Full text not yet available

Decker, Franz-Josef

MOE02 (Poster) - Complete

Deitinghoff, Horst

THB06 (Poster) - Complete

Delahaye, Jean-Pierre

MO201 (Invited) - Complete

Dikansky, N.S.

MOB19 (Poster) - NoShow

Dolgashev, Valery

TUA18 (Poster) - Complete
THA06 (Poster) - Complete

Donley, Lawrence

TUD20 (Poster) - Complete

Dooling, Jeffrey

MOC18 (Poster) - Complete

Doolittle, Larry

MOC12 (Poster) - Complete

Dorfan, Jonathan

MO101 (Invited) - Incomplete: Full text not yet available

Douglas, David

THC03 (Poster) - Complete
TH204 (Invited) - Complete

Durkin, Alexander

THB11 (Poster) - Complete

E      -- top --

Edwards, Don

MOB13 (Poster) - Complete

Eichhorn, Ralf

THD10 (Poster) - Complete

Eylon, Shmuel

TUB06 (Poster) - Complete

F      -- top --

Facco, Alberto

THD11 (Poster) - Complete

Falabella, Steven

TUB11 (Poster) - Complete

Fang, Zhigao

THE03 (Poster) - Complete

Fawley, William

WE102 (Invited) - Incomplete: Full text not yet available

Fazio, M.V.

THA20 (Poster) - Complete

Fedorova, Antonina

MOE15 (Poster) - Complete

Ferdinand, Robin

TUD03 (Poster) - Complete
TUD04 (Poster) - Complete
THB19 (Poster) - Complete

Feschenko, Alexander

MOC13 (Poster) - Complete

Findlay, David

MOC08 (Poster) - Complete

Fitch, Michael

MOB16 (Poster) - Complete
MOC05 (Poster) - Complete

Fockler, James

TUB01 (Poster) - Incomplete: Full text not yet available
THC15 (Poster) - Incomplete: Full text not yet available

Folwell, N.

THA17 (Poster) - Incomplete: Full text not yet available

Forck, Peter

MOC09 (Poster) - Complete

Frisch, Josef

THA05 (Poster) - Complete
TUE03 (Oral Poster) - Complete
MOA10 (Poster) - Complete

Fukuda, Shigeki

THE02 (Poster) - Complete

Funahashi, Yoshisato

TUA01 (Poster) - Complete

Furukawa, Kazuro

TUE09 (Oral Poster) - Complete
TUE10 (Poster) - Complete

G      -- top --

Gillespie, George

MOE16 (Poster) - Complete

Gilpatrick, J. Douglas

MOC15 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Gobin, Raphael

MOD07 (Poster) - Complete

Grelick, Arthur

THE07 (Poster) - Complete

Gudowski, Waclaw

FR202 (Invited) - Complete

H      -- top --

Han, Jang-Min

TUD01 (Poster) - Complete

Hasegawa, Kazuo

TU102 (Invited) - Complete

Hayano, Hitoshi

MOC01 (Poster) - Complete

Hendrickson, Linda

TUC11 (Poster) - Complete
MOA15 (Poster) - Complete

Henestroza, Enrique

TUB03 (Oral Poster) - Complete
MOD05 (Poster) - Complete

Higo, Toshiyasu

TUA02 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Hill, Barrey

THB13 (Poster) - Complete

Hill, Marc

THC12 (Oral Poster) - NoShow

Hofmann, Ingo

MOE21 (Poster) - Incomplete: Full text not yet available

Houck, Tim

TUB14 (Poster) - Complete
TUB15 (Poster) - Complete

Hovater, Curt

TUC12 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Hutter, Gerald

THE05 (Poster) - Complete

I      -- top --

Igarashi, Zenei

THB09 (Poster) - Complete

Imai, Takayuki

MOA16 (Poster) - Complete

Ino, Hiroshi

THE20 (Poster) - Complete

Iwashita, Yoshihisa

MOE20 (Oral Poster) - Complete
TUA22 (Poster) - Complete

J      -- top --

Jensen, Erk

TUA16 (Poster) - Complete

Jones, Roger

TUA08 (Poster) - Complete
TUA07 (Poster) - Complete
TUA09 (Poster) - Complete
TUA10 (Poster) - Complete

Jongewaard, Erik

THA03 (Oral Poster) - Complete

K      -- top --

Kang, Yoon

THE19 (Poster) - Complete
THE18 (Oral Poster) - Complete
THE17 (Poster) - Complete

Kashiwagi, Shigeru

MOC03 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Kazimi, Reza

MOB14 (Poster) - Complete

Kester, Oliver

TU204 (Invited) - Complete

Kim, Sang-ho

THD09 (Poster) - Complete

Kishek, Rami

MOE19 (Poster) - Complete

Klabunde, Juergen

MOD12 (Poster) - Complete

Ko, Kwok

WE201 (Invited) - Incomplete: Full text not yet available

Korenev, Sergey

TUE14 (Poster) - Complete

Krafft, Geoffrey

TH205 (Invited) - Complete

Krasnykh, Anatoly

THA15 (Poster) - Complete

Krassilnikov, Mikhail

THB18 (Poster) - Complete

Kravchuk, Leonid

THB12 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Kroll, Norman

TUE04 (Poster) - Complete

Kuhnel, Kai Uwe

THD14 (Poster) - Complete

Kurennoy, Sergey

MOC11 (Poster) - Complete
THD12 (Poster) - Complete

Kuriki, Masao

THA11 (Poster) - Complete

Kustom, Robert

TU101 (Invited) - Complete

Kuzminski, Jozef

THD06 (Poster) - Complete

Kwon, Sung-il

TUC13 (Poster) - Complete

L      -- top --

Lagniel, Jean-Michel

FR103 (Invited) - Complete

Lawson, Wes

THA01 (Poster) - Incomplete: Full text not yet available

Laxdal, Robert

MOD17 (Oral Poster) - Complete
MOD16 (Poster) - Complete

Le Duff, Joel

MOB01 (Poster) - Complete

Leemann, Christoph

TU103 (Invited) - Complete

Leemans, Wim

TH201 (Invited) - Complete

Lessner, Eliane

THC01 (Poster) - Complete

Lettry, Jacques

TU203 (Invited) - Complete

Li, Rui

MOE01 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Li, Zenghai

TUA05 (Poster) - Complete
TUA04 (Poster) - Complete

Liepe, Matthias

WE204 (Invited) - Complete
TUA15 (Poster) - Complete

Logatchev, Pavel

MOC02 (Poster) - NoShow

Lombardi, Alessandra

THC17 (Poster) - Complete

Lombardi, Augusto

TU205 (Invited) - Complete

Lund, Steven

MOE11 (Poster) - Complete

Lyles, John

THE14 (Poster) - Withdrawn: per author

Lynch, Michael

THE01 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Lysenko, Walter

THB08 (Poster) - Complete

M      -- top --

Mason, Thomas

FR203 (Invited) - Complete

Mazarakis, Michael G.

TUC05 (Poster) - Complete

McCandless, B.

THA16 (Poster) - Complete

McCarrick, James

TUB12 (Poster) - Complete

McCrory, Elliott

THE15 (Poster) - Complete

Merle, Eric

TUC03 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Merminga, Lia

THC04 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Miller, Roger H.

TUA20 (Poster) - Complete
TUA19 (Poster) - NoShow
TU301 (Invited) - Complete

Mitra, Amiya

THD15 (Poster) - Complete

Mizumoto, Motoharu

TUD09 (Poster) - Complete

Mondelaers, Wim

MOE08 (Poster) - Complete
THC16 (Poster) - Complete

Moretti, Al

THC18 (Poster) - Complete

Mosnier, Alban

THB10 (Poster) - Complete

Mouillet, Marc

TUC02 (Poster) - Complete

Mueller, Wolfgang F.O.

MOE06 (Poster) - Complete

Muggli, Patrick

TH202 (Invited) - Complete

Murin, Boris

TUD11 (Poster) - Complete

N      -- top --

Naito, Fujio

TUD08 (Poster) - Complete

Naito, Takashi

THA04 (Poster) - Complete

Namkung, Won

TUE06 (Poster) - Complete

Nantista, Christopher

THA09 (Poster) - Complete
THA08 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Nelson, Scott

TUB09 (Poster) - Complete

Nesterovich, Alexander

THB01 (Poster) - Complete
MOE10 (Poster) - Complete

Neuffer, David

TH102 (Invited) - Complete

Ng, Johnny S.T.

THC13 (Poster) - Complete

Nguyen, Dinh

TH301 (Invited) - Complete

Noda, Akira

TUE07 (Poster) - Complete

O      -- top --

Oh, Jong-Seok

THA12 (Poster) - Complete

Okuda, Shuichi

MOB20 (Poster) - Complete

Ostiguy, Jean-Francois

MOE05 (Poster) - Complete

Ostroumov, Peter

FR101 (Invited) - Complete
MOD01 (Poster) - Complete
MOD02 (Poster) - Complete

Ouchi, N.

WE205 (Invited) - Complete

P      -- top --

Pabst, Michael

THB03 (Poster) - Complete

Painchault, Michel

THD03 (Poster) - Complete

Pant, K. K.

TUE20 (Poster) - NoShow
MOB10 (Poster) - Incomplete: Full text not yet available

Paramonov, Valentin

THB21 (Poster) - Complete
MOA18 (Poster) - Complete
TUA11 (Poster) - Complete
TUA12 (Poster) - Complete

Park, Sam

MOB09 (Poster) - Complete

Park, Sung-Ju

MOB18 (Poster) - Complete

Pasky, Stanley

TUC14 (Poster) - Complete

Paul, Arthur

TUB10 (Poster) - Complete

Pavlov, Viatcheslav

TUA21 (Poster) - Complete

Pei, Yuan Ji

TUE18 (Poster) - NoShow

Penn, Gregg

TH203 (Invited) - Complete

Peters, Craig

TUB04 (Poster) - Complete
TUB05 (Poster) - Complete

Peters, Jens

MOD06 (Poster) - Complete

Phinney, Nan

MO102 (Invited) - Complete

Piaszczyk, Christopher

THB17 (Poster) - NoShow
MOE09 (Poster) - NoShow

Pieck, Martin

TUC15 (Poster) - Complete

Piel, C.

TUE15 (Poster) - Complete

Pirkl, Werner

TUD05 (Poster) - Complete

Pisent, Andrea

THD21 (Poster) - Complete

Pisent, P

THD02 (Poster) - Complete

Poirier, Roger

FR102 (Invited) - Complete

Poole, Brian

TUB17 (Poster) - Complete
TUB18 (Poster) - Complete

Popovic, Milorad

TUD16 (Poster) - Complete
THC06 (Poster) - Complete
THB22 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Pozimski, Juergen

THB05 (Poster) - Complete

Pritzkau, David

THA18 (Poster) - Complete

Q      -- top --

Qiang, Ji

MOA20 (Poster) - Complete

R      -- top --

Raimondi, Pantaleo

MO301 (Invited) - Complete

Ratti, Alessandro

THD05 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Ratzinger, Ulrich

MOD11 (Poster) - Complete

Raubenheimer, Tor

MO203 (Invited) - Complete

Reass, William

THE11 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Rees, Daniel

THE12 (Poster) - Complete

Reich, Hartmut

MOD14 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Reijonen, Jani

MOD19 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Ribes, Jean Christophe

TUC01 (Poster) - Complete

Richardson, Roger

MOC07 (Poster) - Complete

Rinolfi, Louis

MOB02 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Rohlev, T.S.

TUC17 (Poster) - Complete
TUC19 (Poster) - Complete

Rosenzweig, J.

TH101 (Invited) - Complete

Ross, Marc

MOA06 (Poster) - Complete

Roybal, William

THE06 (Poster) - Complete

Ruggiero, Alessandro G

TUD19 (Oral Poster) - Complete
TUD18 (Poster) - Complete

Rullier, Jean-Luc

THC07 (Poster) - Complete
THC08 (Poster) - Complete
THC09 (Poster) - Complete

Ruth, R.

THA19 (Poster) - Complete

Rutkowski, Henry

TUB08 (Poster) - Complete

Rybarcyk, Lawrence

TUD15 (Poster) - Complete

Ryne, Robert D.

MOA19 (Poster) - Complete

S      -- top --

Sampayan, S.

TUB13 (Poster) - Complete

Sato, Yukio

TUE17 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Schempp, Alwin

THD22 (Poster) - Complete

Schlitt, Bernhard

MOD10 (Poster) - Complete

Schneider, J. David

TUD13 (Poster) - Complete

Schrage, Dale

THD07 (Poster) - Complete

Schulte, Daniel

MOA03 (Oral Poster) - Complete
MOA04 (Poster) - Complete
MOA02 (Poster) - Complete

Schultheiss, Thomas

MOB12 (Poster) - Complete
THE08 (Poster) - Complete

Schultz, David

MOB04 (Oral Poster (Withdrawn By Author)) - Withdrawn: Withdrawn, per author, 8/10/00, sw

Schulze, Martin E.

TUD12 (Poster) - Complete

Schweizer, Bernd

MOC04 (Poster) - Complete

Scrivens, Richard

TUD17 (Poster) - Complete

Sereno, Nicholas

MOB17 (Poster) - Complete

Seryi, Andrei

MOA13 (Oral Poster) - Complete
MOA14 (Poster) - Complete
MOA11 (Poster) - Complete
MOA12 (Poster) - Complete

Setzer, Stefan

THE13 (Poster) - Complete

Shepard, K.W.

THD08 (Poster) - Complete

Shizuma, Toshiyuki

THC02 (Poster) - Complete

Smith, H. Vernon

TUD14 (Poster) - Complete

Smith, Peter D.

THB14 (Poster) - Complete

Smith, Terry

THC10 (Poster) - Complete

Sobenin, Nicolay

TUA13 (Poster) - Complete

Soumbaev, Anatoli

TUE11 (Poster) - Complete

Spalek, George

THD18 (Poster) - Complete
THD19 (Poster) - Complete

Staples, John

MOD18 (Poster) - Complete

Stovall, J.

TUD22 (Poster) - Complete

Stupakov, Gennady

MOE04 (Poster) - Complete
MOE03 (Poster) - Complete

Sugimoto, Masayoshi

TUE16 (Poster) - Complete

Suwada, Tsuyoshi

MOC20 (Poster) - Complete

Svistunov, Yuri

TUE12 (Poster) - Complete

Swenson, D.R.

TUE19 (Poster) - NoShow

Swenson, Donald A.

THD13 (Poster) - Complete

Syphers, Michael

MOA17 (Poster) - Complete

T      -- top --

Tamura, Fumihiko

THA07 (Poster) - Complete

Tantawi, Sami

WE203 (Invited) - Complete

Tazzioli, Franco

MOC10 (Poster) - Complete

Tenenbaum, Peter

MOA08 (Poster) - Complete
MOA09 (Oral Poster) - Complete
MOA07 (Poster) - Complete

Thomae, Rainer

MOD09 (Poster) - Complete

Toge, Nobu

MO204 (Invited) - Complete

Tokumoto, Shu-ichi

THA02 (Poster) - Complete

Tooker, Joseph

TUD06 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Trautner, Heiko

MOB08 (Poster) - Complete

Travish, G.

THC19 (Poster) - Complete

U      -- top --

Ueno, Akira

MOD20 (Poster) - Complete
TUD02 (Poster) - Complete

V      -- top --

Valdiviez, Robert

MOC14 (Poster) - Complete
THD20 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Vermare, Christophe

MOC16 (Poster) - Complete

Vinogradov, Stanislav

THC14 (Poster) - Complete

Virostek, Steve

THD04 (Poster) - Complete

Vorogushin, Michael

TUE13 (Poster) - Complete

Vretenar, Maurizio

TU206 (Invited) - Complete
THD01 (Poster) - NoShow

W      -- top --

Waldron, William

TUB07 (Poster) - Complete

Wang, Li-Fang

TUC09 (Poster) - Complete
TUC08 (Poster) - Complete

Wang, Juwen

TUA03 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Wang, Yi-Ming

TUC16 (Oral Poster) - Complete

Wangler, Thomas

TU202 (Invited) - Complete

Wanzenberg, Rainer

TUA14 (Poster) - Complete
MOE07 (Poster) - Complete

Westenskow, Glen

TUB16 (Poster) - Complete

Wilson, Perry

TUE05 (Poster) - Complete

Wood, Richard

THE16 (Poster) - NoShow

Woodley, Mark

MOC19 (Poster) - Complete

Wuensch, Walter

TUA17 (Poster) - Complete

Y      -- top --

Yamazaki, Yoshio

MOB05 (Poster) - Complete

Yamazaki, Yoshishige

TUD07 (Poster) - Complete

Yanagida, Kenichi

TUE08 (Poster) - Complete
MOC17 (Poster) - Complete

Yaramishev, Stepan

THB04 (Poster) - Complete

Yoshino, Kazuo

TUD10 (Poster) - Complete

Young, Lloyd

TU201 (Invited) - Complete

Z      -- top --

Zeitlin, Michael

MOE14 (Poster) - Complete

Zherebtsov, A.

MOD21 (Poster) - Complete

Zimmermann, Holger

THB02 (Poster) - Complete