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XX International Linac Conference

TUC03 (Oral Poster)

Presenter: Eric Merle (CEA)
Status: Complete
FullText: pdf

Transport optimization and characterization of the 2kA AIRIX electron beam

E. Merle*, J. Delvaux*, M. Mouillet*, O.Pierret*, J.C.Ribes** J. Bardy***, A. Devin***

The AIRIX induction accelerator is running now. After the acceptance test of the entire machine, we have aligned the sixteen blocks of four cells, with the very accurate HLS (Hydrostatic Leveling System) and WPS (Wire Positionning System) method. The beam transport optimization was made with the 1.92kA/60ns electron beam, accelerated from 3.8 to 19.2MeV. This procedure consisted in minimizing beam envelop and beam break up (BBU) oscillations. Two specific campaigns validated the beam transport calculations, by OTR measurements with a fast gated camera. The good coherence between the experimental results and theorical predictions are presented. We present also the effects of the beam centering procedure. The last part concerns the evolutions, that will be done on the machine, to work at higher current (until 3.5 kA), and to decrease BBU oscillations and the X-ray focal spot.
*CEA - PEM F51490 Pontfaverger - France
**URCA - UniversitH de Reims Champagne-Ardenne - F51687 REIMS cedex2
***CEA -CESTA BP2 F33114 Le Barp Pontfaverger - France

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