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XX International Linac Conference

THA14 (Poster)

Presenter: Mitsuo Akemoto (KEK)
Status: Complete
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Improvement of Waveform Efficiency Using a Compensation Circuit


In order to improve efficiency(usable RF to total pulse) of klystron modulator, a waveform compensation circuit is being studied. The waveform compensation circuit consists of a series combination of diodes, which have an ON/OFF switch and DC power supply respectively, and generates an arbitrary waveform by controlling both the timing and width of the gate trigger pulse for each switch. It is directly connected to low voltage side of a klystron load in series and the compensating waveform is synthesized with an original pulse to obtain maximum flat-top width of the pulse. This compensation system is also useful to compensate the ripple on the flat-top, and can adjust the output waveform under high-voltage operation. In a direct switching modulator, this circuit can also be used to reduce the storage capacitor size. This paper presents the design of the circuit and the results of a preliminary test using a line-type modulator.

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