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XX International Linac Conference

TUD21 (Poster)

Presenter: Byung-Ho Choi (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
Status: Complete
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Eprint: physics/0008141

Development of the Low Energy Accelerator for KOMAC*

B.H. CHOI, J.M. HAN, Y.S. CHO, K.S. KIM, Y.J. KIM, (KAERI), I.S. KO (POSTECH), K.S. Chung (Hanyang Univ.), K.H. Chung, (KAPRA)

KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) has been performing the project named KOMAC (Korea Multi-purpose Accelerator Complex) within the frame work of national mid and long term nuclear research plan. The final objectives of KOMAC is to build a 20-MW (1 GeV and 20 mA) cw (100% duty factor) proton linear accelerator. As the first stage, the low energy accelerator up to 20 MeV is being developed in KTF (KOMAC Test Facility). The low energy accelerator consists of an injector, RFQ, CCDTL , and RF systems. The proton injecotor with Duoplasmatron ion source has been developed, and the LEBT with solenoid lens is under development. The RFQ linac that will accelerate a 20mA proton beam from 50keV to 3MeV has been designed and is being fabricated. The RF system for RFQ is being developed, and the CCDTL up to 20MeV is being designed. The status of the low energy accelerator will be presented.
* This Work has been supported by the Korea Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

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