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XX International Linac Conference

THE06 (Poster)

Presenter: William Roybal (LANL)
Status: Complete
FullText: pdf
Eprint: physics/0008089

High-power Circulator Test Results at 350 MHz and 700 MHz

William T. Roybal, Daniel E. Rees, Phillip A. Torrez, J. S. Harrison, David K. Warner (LANL), John M. DeBaca (General Atomic)

The high-power RF systems for the Accelerator Production of Tritium (APT) program require high-power circulators at 350 MHz and 700 MHz to protect one MW cw klystrons from reflected power. The 350 MHz circulator is based on the CERN, ESRF, and APS designs and has performed very well. The 700 MHz circulator is a new design. Protoype 700 MHz circulators have been high-power tested at Los Alamos National Laboratory. These circulators as of yet do not satisfy performance requirements. The circulator requirements, results from the testing, and lessons learned from this development are presented and discussed.

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