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XX International Linac Conference

THE09 (Poster)

Presenter: Michael Cole (Advanced Energy Systems)
Status: Complete
FullText: pdf

Development of High Power CW RF Windows*

M. Cole, J. Rathke, T. Schultheiss (Advanced Energy Systems Inc.)

Over the past year Advanced Energy Systems Inc has undertaken a program to develop CW High Power RF windows utilizing a unique fabrication approach. Our fabrication approach should result in a window that inherently places low stress on the ceramic. The design will provide for excellent cooling of the ceramic, which when combined with the use of a ceramic with a very high thermal conductivity, will result in a window having extremely high CW power capacity. We will present results of our design and analysis to date and results from fabrication tests. Finally we will review our plans to continue the development program. This program will include the fabrication of approximately twelve windows, six suitable for use at the JLAB linear accelerator and six suitable for use in the Cornell CESR accelerator. The program will also include the testing of these windows at JLAB and Cornell.
*The work discussed in this paper has been supported by the DOE SBIR Program, grant DE-FG02-99ER82725. Such support does not constitute an endorsement by DOE of the views expressed in this paper.

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